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Monthly Archives: February 2018

27 Feb 2018


“The difference between something good and something great is attention to detail.” Charles R. Swindoll   Details. It is often said “it’s all in the details”.  How true it is when it comes to photography and photographers.  In today’s world of cell phone camera’s and technology it is so easy to trust our precious memories to those “instant” devices.  However what about those all so important “details”?  Those details can turn that all important “moment” into a “priceless” treasured memory.  […]

26 Feb 2018

Tenaha’s back at it again… Summer Giggles 2018 in motion….

In the good ole’ summer time what’s more fun sailing away in your own little boat? Clouds of blue and the imagination of a child in full regalia.     Tenaha has captured the whimsical and playful air of Summer with her classic children’s ‘nautical’ background.  And what kid doesn’t like to play in a cardboard box (but we’re not telling!)                       And look who’s ready to “come sail away”!  […]