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We want the best, outgoing students, representing our company, so fill this application out as you would any job or college application! Please fill out the application as completely as possible!

This will probably take you 15 to 20 minutes to complete (perhaps longer if you have a lot to say!). If you are who we are looking for, you may be called in soon to attend our Ambassador Seminar. The seminar gives you and your parents a chance to explore the studio, meet the staff, and  ask any questions about the rewards program and prizes you can earn!

SELFIE TIME!!! Please upload a recent half body or full length photo of yourself*

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High School Name*

Class of*

Birth Date (mm/dd/yy)*

Your Email*

Home Phone (if you have one)

Cell (if you have one)

Mom's/Dad's Cell*

How did you find out about the Glutz-McIntire Senior Model Program? (e.g. Facebook, a friend, etc.)*

Who referred you to apply to be a senior model? (Note: being referred or invited by a past or current senior model of mine or a current client gets you brownie points!)*

What is most important to you for your senior pictures? Why do you want to represent us as a Glutz-McIntire Photography Senior Model?*

How Important Are Unique, Quality, Professional Senior Photographs to YOU? (Check as many as may apply). *
I couldn't stand to finish my senior year without fantastic senior portraits to remember my senior year with!It doesn't matter who takes my senior portraits.It makes a HUGE difference who takes my senior portraits!I want the best photographer I can find!My parents care about my senior portraits more than me.


List ALL your Sports, Activities, and Interests (Including church and volunteer activities, and current after school jobs) *

Please List the Names, Ages, and Grades (if applicable) of Your Siblings (if there is only you, then write "Only Child") *

Which social media sites do you use? (Check all that apply) *

Is Facebook old news, or still relevant to student life? What is the most used form of social media among high school students and why? *


Permission from your parents is required by law to anyone under the age of 18.

Parent Name*

Number to Easiest Reach Your Parents *

Please provide a working and current email for your Parents (List both parents if both parents have one). *

Are one or both of your parents involved in the PTA, booster clubs, or other school or church youth related organizations (where they have contact with other parents)? If so, please name it and their position, and what they do in the organization(s). *

My Parents Are Most Interested In (check all that apply) *
Me having the best senior pictures and experience ever!The cheapest possible studio (honestly, this is NOT Glutz-McIntire Photography)A variety of photos showing my activities and interests, personality, and several clothing changes.Wall PortraitsCustom Graduation AnnouncementsAlbum or Image Box with a Variety of PhotosOnly a handful of prints to keep or give away to relatives. (e.g. They don't want many photos.)

How Important Are Unique, Quality, Professional Senior Photograph to your PARENTS? *
Extremely Important, and they are willing to pay more for better photographs.Very Important, but they are on a strict budget.They don't care about senior photos, but it's really important to me.


Something you can't live without . . . *

I have always wanted to . . . (example: an activity you want to do, place you want to travel to, etc.) *

What music/artists make you dance and sing out loud in the car? *

People would describe my personal style as...(examples: fashionista, preppy, boho, mod, vintage, casual, sporty, geek) *

List your TOP FIVE places in your area to meet and eat (sit down restaurants or casual food places) or drink (coffee, smoothies, bubble tea, etc). If you can't narrow it down to 5, list a few more! *

Do you like more of an Urban Setting (buildings and the city), a Vintage Setting (e.g. old buildings), or a Nature Setting for your Senior Photo shoot? What kind of look are you wanting for your senior portraits? *

Our model program is not based on looks and size. It is about being outgoing and energetic about promoting our studio and referring not just your friends but any 2014 and 2015 seniors you come in contact with. Are you comfortable with the responsibilities that come with the role of a Glutz-McIntire Photography Senior model?

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