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Category : Family

10 Mar 2015

Christina & Nathan | Engaged

  Congratulations Christina and Nathan on your engagement! We look forward to working with you on you big day!

09 Mar 2015

Easter Giggles Background Samples!

On Friday, one of our friends was nice enough to come in early and let us use her daughter Mia for samples so we can show everyone the backgrounds! Mia was such a great little model and really did an awesome job at modeling for us! There was of course some Frozen music, a few games of peek-a-boo, and LOTS of laughs!   

02 Mar 2015

New Line of Portraiture: Tweens!!

We are excited to offer a new line in Portraiture for our studio: Tweens!     What is it? A session designed to photograph your Tween. Tweens are the ages of 9 through 14. In between a kid and a teenager.     Why Should I do it? Three big reasons to photograph your Tween. Last stage in Childhood This is the last time your kid is a kid before they are teenagers. At this stage of life there is […]

01 Dec 2014

Christmas Giggles Backgrounds

Here are our Giggles Backgrounds for this year! Call today to book your appointment! 513-528-5888