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Family Portraits

Far too often we hear comments from parents of seniors recognizing that they haven’t had their family portraits taken since their kids were little. There’s no better time than now to gather up the family and schedule your session! We have many studio and outdoor sets that can accomodate anywhere from 2 – 25 people. Your session will include up to two groupings on two different backgrounds resulting in a number of great portraits from which to choose. We also are experts at on-location sessions and have photographed all over the tri-state area.

Session Info

General Session Tips

• Simple garments always photograph best. Avoid patterns and large prints that will draw attention away from your face. 
Avoid sharp contrast. White tends to add weight and show wrinkles. Black shows little detail. 

Choose one or two theme colors and dress your family in similar tones and shades of these colors, keeping everyone in one level of brightness or darkness. Simplicity of color helps to separate the family from the scenery.

• Coordinate the seasonal style of your clothing as well. Your portraits might look odd if Dad is wearing a wool sweater while standing next to Mom in a sundress. 

• Remember to dress head to toe. If shoes (and therefore, socks) are going to show in the portraits, make sure they are consistent with your clothing choices.


Feel free to visit the studio before your session date to get background ideas, clothing suggestions, a studio tour, or just to peek at what other families have done! A visit is guaranteed to spark great ideas for your big day!

Tips for Women

• Fitted clothing with long sleeves will create a more flattering portrait than baggy clothing or sleeveless styles.

• Apply makeup as you would normally wear it during the day. It is not necessary to apply more or heavier makeup than usual. Also, please do not experiment with a new shade of lipstick the day of your portraits!

• White straps or printed undergarments might still be visible through thin clothing.

• Neutral undergarments work best. Make sure they fit comfortably and do not show any lines in the clothing you will wear.

Tips for Men

• Get a fresh haircut about one week before your portraits. A clean shave is recommended.

• If you will be wearing a dark shirt for your portraits, make sure your undershirt is also dark. A white t-shirt triangle will be very obvious under a darker shirt.

• For business attire, avoid white shirts if you will not be wearing a jacket. These will draw attention away from your face and could make you look pale. A softly colored shirt with a simple tie photographs well. A thinly striped or patterned shirt (nothing too busy) also works well.

• You are welcome to bring additional clothing and let us help decide what looks best for your portraits!

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