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Senior Clothing Tips

Clothing Choices

It’s always a good idea to bring more clothing than you will need. We will be happy to help you choose what might look best in your portraits. But it’s ultimately up to what you feel will work best. Below are some guidelines to keep in mind as you choose your clothing:

For Girls:

  • Try to avoid sleeveless tops since they may exaggerate the size of your upper arms.
  • Wear a neckline that is flattering and modest. For instance, round faces should not wear turtle necks but rather a v-neck and girls with a slim face might look better in a turtle neck rather than a v-neck.
  • Wear the colors you like best. The colors we suggest are only helpful hints so if you like a different color, go for it.
  • Your shoes should match your outfit in style and appearance as well as appear polished and clean. Please let your photographer know if you do not want a full length portrait in a particular outfit.

For Boys:

  • A suit and tie has been a standard for years, but that doesn’t necessarily fit the personality of all boys. An alternative would be a sweater or collared shirt that is either solid or has a slight pattern.
  • If you only want to wear a dress shirt with a tie, the shirt should not be white. White shirts look best under a jacket. If you need a jacket, we have them available from sizes 42-52.


  • Avoid changing your hair style within 2 weeks before your session.
  • Do not change your hair style after your session until you have had the opportunity to view your previews.
  • Bring your hair care products to the studio with you.
  • Hair spray or a dryer sheet can help tame those stray hairs.
  • Your photographer is not a hair stylist and will NOT tell you if your hair doesn’t look right so please make sure you check your hair while in the dressing room. Any hair adjustments made by the photographer are only to help you look the best you can in the finished photograph.
  • If your hair is meant to be in your eyes and the photographer keeps moving it, please let them know.


  • Avoid flat jewelry as it can reflect light back into the camera.


  • We are trained to reduce most glasses glare but cannot always remove all reflections.
  • If it’s possible, ask your eye glasses provider  to borrow a pair of empty frames for your session.


  • If you can see a blemish standing 24 inches from the mirror, chances are you will be able to see it in your portraits.
  • Don’t worry! Each image that you order (including the yearbook portrait) will be retouched.

Slimming Guidelines

  • Wear clothes with sleeves...  bare arms may add weight.
  • Patterns become larger than life in a photograph.  Solid colors help compliment your best features.
  • Jackets, hats and scarves can enhance your look.
  • Small straps and bare shoulders are not recommended.
  • Tight fitting clothing is not always the most flattering.
  • Fitted tops are better than cropped tops.

Sunburns & Tan Lines

  • Sunburns will show up in your portraits. It’s a good idea to stay away from excessive sun a few days prior to your session.
  • A good sun tan is a great addition to your portraits but over-tanning can dry out your complexion. Heavy tans can also look leathery in final portraits.
  • Tan lines can be removed in your final prints for an additional charge.