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Senior Session Tips

Be prompt... Arrive at the studio 15 minutes early. This allows us to confirm your info and get you checked in. It also may add a few extra minutes to your session time. Try to come dressed in your first outfit if possible. This is often an outfit for your yearbook portrait.

If you are doing more than one outfit, you are welcome to bring friends, family, pets or props. But remember, you will have 6-7 poses for each outfit.

This is your day, so we suggest you limit poses with friends and family to 2-3.

If you are being photographed with your car, make sure it's clean... but it doesn't have to be spotless. Don't forget to look at your tires.

Bringing a pet is awesome. Be sure to bring an extra person to watch your pet while you are doing other poses without your pet. You may not leave your pet alone in your changing room. If your pet has an accident... PLEASE let us know. You are responsible for your pet.

When bringing a horse to the studio, please inform us ahead of time so we can be ready. Please arrive 20 minutes or more prior to your session to take care of any grooming or prep.

Props are welcome and do not cost any extra. We love to photograph sports equipment, musical instruments, awards, artwork , hobbies, etc. We want to bring out YOUR personality.

We do NOT need a blue sky day or bright sunshine to photograph. Sun can cause a lot of squinting and harsh shadows. We can photograph at any time or the day... but a cloudy sky is actually wonderful. So don’t worry if your session is not on the prettiest day.

In the case of rain, you are still welcome to come in for the indoor part of your session and we will reschedule the outdoor poses for another day.

The best month to be photographed outdoors is June. There is less humidity which is better for your hair and it’s usually less hot than later in the summer. Also, flowers are in full bloom.

The best month for fall color is October, however the colors are only around for a short period of time.